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What is BrightTrak?

Have you been looking for a GPS Tracking System? Look no further – with BrightTrak, we have the low cost solution for you. We offer tracking for both individuals and businesses of all sizes, so whether you're looking to track your own vehicle or keep tabs on your company's fleet, we're here to help.

BrightTrak is a powerful software and hardware combination for vehicles and assets. It offers a suite of dynamic, real-time capabilities that enable you to make smarter decisions, be more productive, and protect what matters most. 


Tracking solutions for every application

  • Cars

  • Vans

  • Motorcycles

  • HGV

  • Plant and Machinery

  • Containers

  • Motorhomes

  • Trailers

  • Non wired assets

Want to see more?

We've made it simple for you!

We know that you're busy and that you're on a budget. That's why we've made our devices and subscriptions so affordable.

No contracts or hidden charges!


Devices Starting
from just £44.99

Software Subscription
£8.99 Per Month


Impressively Powerful Software


Detailed Reporting

You are able to generate a number of advanced reports including alert violation, over-speeding, harsh-braking, harsh-acceleration, excessive-idle, harsh-cornering, engine-over-revving, and trip reports. You can also create your own custom and scheduled reports, that are sent on schedule by email.


Advanced Geo-zones

The Platform is a powerful, yet easy-to-use asset tracking system that helps you monitor your assets and keep them safe. With BrightTrak, you can set up custom polygon Geo-zones and assign them as either locations, keep-in zones or no-go zones. Add speed limits to zones, create proximity to zone alerts, report on how long assets have been inside/outside of zones and much more.

Current status & on-screen alerts

The System lets you monitor the current position of your vehicle/asset, its speed, ignition status, battery status and current telemetry. In the event of an "On-Screen Alert" being triggered that you have set to notify you "on-screen", you will get notifications. You can set these up for emails aswell.

Ipad Google.png

We provide google maps in street, hybrid and physical layouts to give you the best experience possible, Explore POI and traffic information right from the maps tab.

Premium GIS as standard 

Pinpoint Accurate Hardware/Devices

We offer simple low-cost devices that are tailor-made to work with our service. They're easy to install yourself with our guides or we can arrange for one of our nationwide engineers to attend your home or place of work at a time convenient for you and professionally install them for you. If your unsure of what you need just let us know how you intend to use the service and we can help you out!


BT-020 OBD





  • No need to worry about installation.

  • Just plug and play

  • Easily transfer your device from one car to another 

  • Simple installation with only 2 wires to the battery.

  • IP67 rating for engine bay installation

  • Professional installation recommended

  • Small, Compact form factor

  • Short-term internal battery 

See All Devices

  • Can I view more than one unit on my control panel?
    Yes, you can view as many trackers as you like on the platform (as long as you own them, of course!). There is also an open view, which allows you to see a quick summary of all of the trackers in your account, in one place. You can create groups for departments and for companies who manage teams, You can set user accounts to only see certain trackers and even make reports on driver behaviour and efficiency.
  • Can I use the BrightTrak software to track my unit on more than one Device?
    Yes you can! There is no limit to the amount of devices you can be logged into at any one time.
  • How many devices can I add to BrightTrak?
    Unlimited! We can add as many as you want for however many assets/vehicles you need to track, We offer discounts on large volumes of units so feel free to get in contact to discuss your needs.
  • Can my tracker give an incorrect reading?
    Sometimes, when the tracker is stationary inside a building or in a confined space, the GPS signal can be difficult to transmit and some ‘bouncing’ or ‘reflection/refraction’ may occur- giving a false impression of movement. A bounce will usually still show a location which is accurate to within a few metres.
  • Will my Tracker work abroad, Will it cost me extra?
    The tracker will work in most countries across Europe. Please contact us at to obtain a list of countries where your device will work. You can use the device in any country we have a roaming agreement with on our sim cards, at no extra cost* *Fair usage policy applies
  • Will the system send us reports automatically?
    The system can generate reports with just a few clicks, These can be viewed in the Platform, You can set these reports to be created and emailed to you automatically.
  • Can I track indoors?
    Any GPS tracking device has its limitations. For example, if you are inside a room with no windows and a solid concrete or lead roof, then the chances of obtaining a valid GPS position are very low. The units do however, have very sensitive GPS receivers, which help the devices to obtain a fix very quickly. In general, you will find the devices perform to a very high standard and will work in many buildings.
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